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View of Jefferson Golf Course

Jefferson Golf Course is a true 13-hole course featuring all bentgrass fairways, tees and greens, and offering golfers the ability to choose to play 9, 13 or 18 holes. Our golf course is set on beautiful rolling terrain that features two ponds that come into play, and well-bunkered, small undulating greens. The 18-hole layout can be stretched out to be just under 6,900 yards.

Jefferson Golf Course is owned/operated by Jefferson Charitable Golf Foundation, Inc (501c3 NonProfit) and Board of Directors. 

Vision - Growing the Game of Golf
Mission Statement- Working with the community to provide recreation, educational, and affordable golf to youth, families, adults beginners, and individuals with injuries and disabilities from all backgrounds.

Jefferson Golf Course Code of Conduct
The intention of his document is to establish clear and acceptable behavior expectations for the Jefferson Golf Course members and guests. It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all members and guest can expect to be treated with respect while enjoying the Jefferson Golf Course and Neighbor’s. The club deems that upon payment of membership or green fees, all members and guests have given their consent to be bound by both the restrictions and penalties imposed by this code of conduct.
Code of Conduct
All members and guests will:

  • Not engage in any form of sexual, racial, religious discrimination or harassment
  • Not conduct themselves in any rude or immoral manner, including the use of profane language, gestures, insults or other such misbehavior.
  • Not jump holes or start on any hole other than #1, #9 #10 without approval from golf shop staff.
  • Not park golf carts closer than 15 feet from the green.
    • Use cart paths where provided and parking carts on path near tees and greens is expected
    • Driving carts between the green and greensides bunker is unacceptable
    • Driving carts between the white tee and blue tee box on #3 tee is unacceptable
    • Parking golf carts on the Right side of #7 Blue/White tee or Left side of #9 Blue/White tee is unacceptable
  • Use proper golf course etiquette: repair divots, ball marks on the green, carefully rake bunkers and leave rake inside the bunker.
  • Check into Proshop Desk to register for additional holes than original registering to allocate for cart usage, greens usage and availability.
  • Respect the golf course, golf carts, facilities and Obey all signage on the golf course.
  • No Carry-In Alcohol permitted on the course grounds.
It should be noted also that:
  • A single player has no status on the golf course
    • Ex. Singles might be asked to pair up on busy days
    •  Threesomes and foursomes will be given priority during the busy times.
    •  Singles and doubles may ask to play through, but this should not be expected.
Resolution of violations to the Jefferson Golf Course Code of Conduct
  • Severe or repeated infractions may result in the offender being told to leave the facility immediately, and/or may include suspended privileges until a decision can be made by the board.
  • Should a violation take place, it will be put on the agenda of the next Board of Directors meeting. After discussion the Board of Directors shall offer the member an opportunity to state their case.  The membership fees are subject to Forfeit or prorated refund as a result of the infraction and determination via the Board of Directors.  *Prorated refunds will be determined by the rounds played or months in season, whichever is the lesser of the two amounts.
  • At the board meeting after the period for the member or guest to state their case the board will determine the extent of the penalty which could include temporary or complete loss of membership or playing privileges
  • In all cases should there be damage to property, monetary restitution will be mandatory to continue membership

We look forward to seeing you at the Jefferson Golf Course, our very one Emerald Isle!